A beach, a mansion, a historic Colonial church, and an Italian market met . . . .

. . a fun group of 5BBC cyclists!
. . a fun group of 5BBC cyclists!
Sunday, January 17, 2021 - 09:30

NO, this isn't the start of a joke, but YES, these are four really neat and distinct destinations we'll be visiting along our fun touring excursion.

We skirt the Bronx shore, then wave to the waves at Orchard Beach. We cross briefly into Westchester at a colonial manion, past St Paul's Church (on the national historic register) in Mt. Vernon (NY, that is). Then acquisition of a yummy repast (how about a loaf of local proscuitto bread from the bakery) at the Arthur Avenue retail market and street, which we'll tote to a nearby park. Of course, bring carry capacity for lunch plus if you'd like to bring home any extra Ital. goodies.

Mixed style riding; mostly paved urban with lots of bike lanes and bike trails but also a few narrow or busier traffic parts. We ride as a group and tour/cruise on the flats (where appropriate) at 14ish MPH, regrouping as needed (ultra-limited use of point-drop-sweep). Suitable for hybrids and road bikes, or mountain bike if they've high pressure slicks. Subway and Metro North bails available (so bring subway and any rail passes for convenience, in case). Cue and maplets and rwgps will be distributed in advance to registered riders. If you need to drop kindly remove yourself asap not last minute, and notify ride leaders so they can move up any waitlisted person.

MEET: northern part of Central Park (restrooms there).

END:  2nd Ave/E116th St. after crossing back into Manhattan on Willis Ave. Bridge. ETA 2:30-3:00 PM.

BRING: Plenty of hydration, pocket food as lunch stop is late; $ for lunch or bail transport, COVID MASK/sanitizer, the usual bike supplies (2 tubes, pump, any special supplies for your personal bike). Print/bring the cue sheet (yes, even if you'll be relying on rwgps).

NOTE:  If weather is any question, check message board and your email by 9PM the night before the ride; we'll post by then so there's no confusion in the morning. Showers won't cause us to cancel; steady rain or bitter cold or unsafe pavement conditions will.

TRIVIA QUESTION:  Who's that lounging fellow across from the hand rolling cigar station inside Arthur Ave retail market?.




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