Like salmon we'll ride against the current
Like salmon we'll ride against the current
Saturday, June 8, 2019 - 09:00
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Who needs roadways when we have a river to follow? And one with such fame – at one end, the industrial port city of Newark, and at the other, Paterson and the Great Falls. Our tour begins at Harrison, though, at the Path station platform, near the juncture where the Passaic, further down, merges with the Hackensack to spill into Newark Bay and from there out into the Arthur Kill. But we'll be moving upriver, instead, against the stream, as those salmon do, but not before we first grub up at Tops Diner, an “East Newark” landmark, just off the rusted banks of the Passaic. From there, we'll then crisscross the Passaic, charting its ebbs and flows, passing through numerous riverfront parks, revolutionary memorials, and eight 19th century steel-girded bridges. The ride ends either in Hawthorne (possibly nearby Radburn), at the very apex of the river, or further up downriver at the Great Falls itself, in Paterson, where all that flow generated America's first industrial boom. Lunch is at the halfway mark, Cedars Lebanese Cuisine in Wallington, after which, we'll cross the Main Street bridge paralleling the site of the revolututionary-era Acquackanonk Bridge, burned by Washington on his retreat from the British, and visit the Blanchard House, in Passaic, before moving further upriver.  (Some of us -- including the leaders -- may want to take the train back from here in Garfield after a hearty lunch or double back to Harrison by bike.)

Here is our route. Return trains from Hawthorne: 3:37, 4:46; or Radburn: 3:39, 4:47. Total miles: 18-20. Though a Happy Face ride, we'll travel at a relaxed, though steady, pace.

We'll meet up at 9 AM at the WTC Path (Vesey Street west of Church Street) for the 9:15 to Harrison (or the 8:55 from 33 Street). We'll re-group in Harrison: If you are running late, rsvp Josh ( we'll be sure to wait for you at Harrison.

Subways to WTC: A C E to Chambers St/World Trade Center, R to Cortlandt Street, 1 to Chambers or Rector Street, 2 3 to Park Place, 4 5 to Fulton Street.


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Happy Face
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