Croton Reservoir Triple-Cross

A Scenic Fun Spring Training Ride
A Scenic Fun Spring Training Ride
Saturday, April 6, 2019 - 09:30

You can have your water and drink it too. The spring training ride series continues with one of the club's most popular rides: the Croton Reservoir Triple-Cross. Get your fill of Westchester's Croton Reservoir with three lake crossings: the Putnam Trail Railroad Bridge, the Old Croton Dam (Gate House) Bridge, and the New Croton Dam. Ride also features the car-free Putnam Trail, gorgeous views from a lake shore road, and a visit to the best ice cream north of the Croton River. This is a moderate pace ride; cruising speed will be 12-14 mph. 28 mm (or wider) tires are suggested but road tires are OK too. Bring $ for lunch, $10.75 fare for return train ride from Croton-Harmon, and MTA bike permit. 

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