LI Randonneur Social Ride

To Alewifes in LIC
To Alewifes in LIC
Friday, March 22, 2019 - 17:30

The 5BBC March Social is a mixer with the Long Island Randonneurs.  Wondering what a randonneur (rahn doe ner) is? In short, it's a cyclist who enjoys the challenges that come with riding longer distances. Events, known as brevets (bruh vays), build upon one another and offer beginner and veteran cyclists alike new challenges in terms of planning, preparation, performance, perseverance, and of course, mileage.  Come and learn about the randonneuring experience - and meet some folks who do these events.

Alewife is a great brew-pub in LIC with a nice list of beverages and decent pub grub.  

This will be a night ride, and I will be leading back to Prospect Park after the event is over.  Make sure to take your lights.  There is also a nearby #7 train.


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