Art in New Rochelle Via Graffiti in the Bronx and in the Art

NRNY is the new campaign for New Rochelle New York - come see what's New AND OLD in New Rochelle
NRNY is the new campaign for New Rochelle New York - come see what's New AND OLD in New Rochelle
Sunday, March 31, 2019 - 09:15

Please come back Sunday 3/31 7:15am for a final WEATHER NOTE and Go/No-go decision (likely to be a go!). 0.23" over 4 hours is NOT a lot of rain. This is a good day to train for wet-weather cycling.

SUNDAY 3/31 7:15AM WEATHER NOTE: RIDE IS ON. RAIN FORECAST CUT IN HALF TO 0.125" OVER A SHORT TWO HOUR WINDOW DURING WHICH WE HOPE TO BE INDOORS IN NEW ROCHELLE. Train option back from NR and subways also available along the way up and back. Starting SHARP at 9:15am. Check your favorite weather app - I looked at Dark Sky (photo attached), Wunderground, Accuweather and and all show light rain and short window. 

SATURDAY 3/30 4PM WEATHER NOTE: The forecasts keep moving. The rain broadens now it appears to be shifting into the afternoon. So for the brave of heart who want to gain some experience in spring training cycling in light rain: The plan is still to keep the ride. If it is raining at ride start, and we have not cancelled (we will take a final decision 8am and note herein) you can wait in the subway until ride start. Text me if you can't find us at 917-568-8848. We will also find places to stop under overpasses if the rain picks up intensity while riding. Don't worry - the food order will be placed at 11am when the restaurant opens and if you don't show you will get any funds you spent on the web site REFUNDED. 

FRIDAY 3/29 5PM WEATHER NOTE: It looks like a small amount of rain will fall Sunday possibly at the start of this ride. I am leaning towards holding the ride anyway as if it islike today - the rain won't be much of a factor and the artist can only do this date else the fall. So, please reach out to me via e-mail at to reconfirm your plan to attend and if you want food ordered for you etc.... Thanks and see you Sunday. The tour is rain or shine on May 5th so this is a great spring training ride. What's a little rain? 

New Rochelle has some amazing history and some wonderful Art - too vast to cover in one ride.

I have stumbled upon a treasure trove of history and will share it with you on this and future rides I plan to lead that explore this great town (where I happen to live these days) - one of the original "suburbs".

So original, in fact, that while Carl Reiner lived here writing and performing on Sid Caesar's show of shows in the 50's, it became the prototype for The Dick Van Dyke show, which Carl wrote, and where Rob and Laura Petrie lived.

We may even ride on the street they lived on (not today, a future ride that goes further north). And pass a few other famous people's homes along the way.

The city has launched a new campaign promoting NRNY (New Rochelle, New York) including new art scultpures all over the city called Stacked! We will meander once we arrive in New Rochelle and see as many of these as possible before heading back. 

Two ideas left for lunch - bring your own; or - please register if you want to order from a local eatery which will deliver to our destination.

For 3/31 Version of Ride: A club member connected me to an artist who resides in New Rochelle. They showed me some of their art - inspired by graffiti and buildings we will pass on the way to New Rochelle. Some of which is no longer there (buildings redeveloped for example) but capctured in her art. So the artist coop she lives in will be hosting us and we will have options for those who order in advance HERE from a local Italian eatery called Modern which will deliver to us as we arrive. They have our non-profit status on file so we won't have to pay tax and they are offering a discount equal to tip so tip is included. Their full pizzas are quite large and not that much more expensive than personal pies. Find one or two or even three friends and order a large (8 slizes) to split the cost if you want pizza else order anything you like off the menu. If you don't want to order off the Modern menu - please plan to bring your own lunch as we won't be stopping anywhere else. We will eat and then hear a talk about graffiti in the areas of Bronx and Westchester from an artist who uses it as the inspiration in her works on display!


How do I keep listing Happy Face / Moderate Rides? Well, my idea is that we have patient sweeps who don't mind riding slow and I can certainly ride fast at the front - so we will go as close to Moderate pace on the flat as we can and wait for everyone at selected compression / bathroom stops along the way. But the ride to New Rochelle itself is only 17 miles so by the time we tour and hit the train, you have your first bail out option on the Metro North at 20-25 miles. On the way back, we will pass various Bronx Subway option cut-offs, so that's your 30-40 option and the new Soundview Ferry from the Bronx (Which was the subject of it's very own ride in the late Summer - and we may skip to miss the rain) will be an option at mile 45 on the way back. Then its only about 5-10 miles further to get back to the city.

3/31 Version of this Ride will be shortened to about 30-35 miles to adjust for rain potential


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