A Fireside Chat . . . and Ride

We'll Ring Around the Mistletoe
We'll Ring Around the Mistletoe
Saturday, December 22, 2018 - 10:00

Actually we'll be ringing around the Hudson, instead, on this lazy cold day. And maintaining, as well, a not too-exerting pace. And our destination? Why, given the circumstances, a wintry Irish pub with a back dining room and . . . a festive fireside hearth! What better amenities, at this chilly time of year, except maybe a warmer pair of gloves for xmas?

To get there, though, we'll travel the so-called "Harbor Ring Route," from New York to Hoboken, via the George Washington Bridge, with stops at the Fireman's Park (and bike trail), in Fort Lee, the James Braddock Park lake, and Bull's Ferry Road (an almost vertical descent that only the most skilled will ride; the rest will walk or use an alternate route). From there, with panoramic views of Manhattan on our left, we'll hug the waterline and the Hudson Waterfront Bike Path, as we meander to Weehawken Waterfront Park, and the little-explored Hoboken Museum. Our final destination is, of course, Carpe Diem, and depending on the weather -- and we are hoping for, perversely, cold but not too cold weather -- the fireplace should be aglow. And remember: It's slow as you go, as we stay comfortably close to Manhattan without venturing too far into the windy wilds of the outer boroughs or 9W. Return is via NY Waterways from 14 Street, Hoboken, to 39th Street, Manhattan.

Meet up is 10 AM at Chelsea Piers, but those who would like to join up with us along the way either at the Greenway at 72, 96, or the GW, email the leaders. Coffee stops, if it is really cold: The Chipped Cup (148/49th & Bway); Eggty 8 Cafe (Main Street, Fort Lee).

Route, turns, elevation, map, and distance: http://www.bikely.com/maps/bike-path/ring-ride

And, finally: The least bit of snow, rain, or sub-freezing temps cancels.

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