The East/West Border Ride

Saturday, November 24, 2018 - 10:00

That's eastern Brooklyn and western Queens, as we make our way from Grand Army Plaza through some less-seen neighborhoods and then skirt our way back and forth between the boroughs.  It has been awhile since I listed this ride. This is the basic version of the ride and it does go through the strangest neighborhood in NYC, "the Hole" - don't know "the Hole" come join us, or read the late Maggie Estep's Ruby Murphy novels.  We will be contrasting "the Hole" with one of NYC's prettiest neighborhoods later in the ride.

We are starting at 10:00 to get as much warmth as the day allows, so just in case have lights with you if the ride delays for any reason.  Lunch stop in Glendale offers a few choices, though most go with the really good pizza.  

Bring lock, money for food and an inquisitive attitude.  In case of iffy weather check here for updates.

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