Tour de Bronx

Ride the event with 5BBC compadres
Ride the event with 5BBC compadres
Sunday, October 28, 2018 - 07:00
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This is a terrific, FREE, annual event celebrating a less traveled borough of The Big Apple, and we're forming a small group to ride the 25 mile distance.  The route is fun and diverse over bike lanes, bike trails, NYC streets, and the myriad of settings those bring up.  Plus it's pretty durn FLAT with only 600'ish altitude gain over our entire course.  And there's a neat finish line festival in Bronx Botanical Gardens.

It's an easy peddling ride with at times lots of other cyclists around us, so definitely, good riding and bike handling skills are required.  Pace will be as dictated by safety and volume/flow needs as will how much "groupness" we have at any one point in time. Solid cycling skills are needed, as are comfort riding in a flow of cyclists and awareness of quickly changing situations along the route. This will also not be a traditional, tight-packed group ride, as the routing and volumes won't allow it.  But we'll do our best as we travel to be aware of our group, plus have pre-defined meetups along the way.                                                   

THIS EARLY POST IS ALSO AN ADVISO TO REGISTER FOR THE EVENT AS SOON AS IT OPENS IN LATE AUGUST!  It's the largest free bike event in NYC, and while they have been expanding total enrollment over the years. . .who knows, given the rising popularity, it may fill up fast and you'll get closed out.  So watch the sponsor Transportation Alternatives and the event website  for when the gates open.

ADVISO:  More ride, route, and meetup details will be posted as we approach registration and the day-of-event.

NOTE:  Registration limited to 12 riders including leaders, plus advance clearance from leader needed to join this ride . So before you register on 5BBC's page for the 5BBC part of the ride (be sure not to forget to register for the TdeBx part on your own), if you have not riden this year on a 5BBC ride or trip with the leaders, quick like a bunny contact S. Rodetis for clearance to join this club ride (so we can assure our group is matched well together).  Of course, one can always do the event on your own or with other friends.. "just do it" . .to coin that famous advertising phrase.


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