Gimme, Gimme Shelter......Island That Is, A Beautiful Place

Note New Time and Transportation Option
Note New Time and Transportation Option
Saturday, September 1, 2018 - 11:00

Let's take a Labor Day weekend morning and head out early to the East End to explore the magical beauty and excellent riding on Shelter Island, an island without a traffic light.  The ride will meet at 11:00 AM at the North Ferry terminal in Greenport by the LIRR station and the stop for the Hampton Jitney bus.  The start time allows folks three options to get to the start.  One can attend via car and carpools.  One can take the LIRR from the City to Greenport arriving just about at the start time.  Or one can attend via the Hampton Jitney bus from Manhattan (the Jitney generally allows bikes, but you should confirm and reserve indicating you have a bike and purchase your ticket in advance). If you have questions regarding the transporation options email me.  If taking the train there are two LIRR options heading back, one leaving Greenport at 5:11 and one at 9:11.  We should make the 5:11, but if you’d like to stay later or spend some time on Shelter or in Greenport, the 9:11 is an option.  All trains transfer at Ronkonkoma in both directions.

The ride will be 30-40 miles and provide an overview of the island.  We will stop at various points to enjoy special views. Ride is listed as moderate, because we will keep a steady pace, but won't rush. But, please note it is hilly, frequent hills that are mostly fun with some good downhills. Operative words above - "frequent hills".  


IMPORTANT Please eat a good breakfast and bring substantial snacks to tide you over, as we may or may not making a food stop.  It is recommended, that you bring picnic lunch for yourself. The picnic will be late in the ride 2:30-3:00 depending on pace.  Near the end of the ride, we will stop by my place on Shelter Island where we will eat the lunch you bring. There will a period of hanging out on the deck and we will have snacks and drinks.  There will be a kitty jar for contributions to help cover the cost of the drinks and snacks.  After hanging out, we will make our way back to the ferry via a route with some amazing views and homes, in order that folks can get to Greenport, for the LIRR train or Hampton Jitney back to the City. 


RIDE REQUIREMENTS:  you must register for the ride AND CONTACT ME directly in order to participate. This is necessary to coordinate lots of logistics. Feel free to contact me with questions.  If you have a car and can take someone ( or more than one person) and their bike, PLEASE, PLEASE CONTACT ME, as we have folks who would like to get a ride out and/or back.  Shelter Island is extremely beautiful, but not convenient, so it does require coordination. In addition to bringing snacks and your picnic lunch, please bring plenty of water, money for the ferry, the kitty and your transportation, and an upbeat inquisitive attitude.  


Finally, one could decide to make a weekend out of it and either come out Friday night, or stay over Saturday at a B&B or hotel on the Island or on the Northfork and enjoy more than the ride overview.  Let me know if you decide to do that.



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