Mara Marek Performance

Kicking off her cross-country ride at Caroline's Comedy Club
Kicking off her cross-country ride at Caroline's Comedy Club
Monday, August 13, 2018 - 19:30

Not a ride, though you can ride to it and store bike - register if interested, significant discount is available to 5BBC members

Mara Marek gave us a little taste of her comedy at our Member's Forum on August 5th last Sunday. She is planning to ride across country to raise money for organizations to help end domestic violence.

Mara Marek, comedian and creator of the popular podcast Happy Never After will set off on a cross-country comedy + bike tour from August-November. The goal: to raise $1 million to prevent domestic violence and support survivors on their journey to safety, health and laughter! With over 12 million downloads, the Happy Never After podcast enjoys a dedicated worldwide following who will listen along as Mara proves an end to violence against women is not at all laughable (...but the comedy is!).

Seating is suggested donations. 

  • VIP - $150 

  • Mid seating - $75 

  • General seating  - $45

Please register if interested and we will send you a friends and family discount link to attend for $25!

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