A bit of Coney Island; A bit of baseball!

Replacing ride with Fireworks Ride Starting Later
Replacing ride with Fireworks Ride Starting Later
Friday, August 10, 2018 - 17:30

We leave from City Hall in Lower Manhattan (if you are in Brooklyn along the way - e-mail the leader and we can arrange a meeting point along the way) and make our way to Coney Island.

It is scheduled to be a scorcher so we will enjoy a bit of beach before the 4pm ball game start. Ample tickets still available at $15 each - this ride will be updated with method for purchase once we know how many are coming.

REGISTRATION REQUIRED if you plan to join the ball game.


Ride officially ends at the game but we will probably have groups that ride back together after - subway is an option of course.

12-24 (both ways)
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Happy Face
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