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Watching the Rich Kids
Watching the Rich Kids
Saturday, July 21, 2018 - 09:30

Lawrence Long Island is one of the "Five Towns" .  It is a place of quiet roads,  stately [or at least over-the-top] homes, and lots and lots of golf courses.  This ride takes us out via the Gil Hodges Bridge, and we ride along the Rockaways.  Once in Lawrence, we tool around just checking things out and doing a bit of 'sploring.  We did a scout ride - but let's just say that many of the streets  are too exclusive to let the Google Maps van inside.  We have a picnic lunch at the beautiful and shady Rock Hall.  This is a colonial house that was owned by a Tory - till it was taken over by the Patriots during the Revolution.  After lunch, we ride back via some less travelled roads until we return to the Rockaways.  On the way back we head over Cross Bay where we may make a stop at either the Bungalow Bar or New Park Pizza before heading back to Prospect Park.

ABOUT THE PACE - This is an Advanced Moderate Ride.  You should be comfortable doing 15-16 on the flats.  Once past the NYC border where the A train roams - there are no other bail out points.  Be sure that both you and your bike are up for the journey.

ABOUT LUNCH - This is an entirely residential neighborhood so abandon any ideas about buying a sandwich at a local bodega.  There just aren't any.  YOU MUST PACK A PICNIC LUNCH TO EAT AT ROCK HALL.  If you do not bring it in with you, your only options will be to beg, borrow and steal from your fellow riders.  Lunch is after the 25 mile mark - so make sure that you take snacks along too.

ABOUT BATHROOMS - We will be making a bathroom stop at Riis Park - and then there may not be another stop until we return to Queens.  We really tried to find one during the scout ride - but were unsuccessful.  Who knows - we may stumble across one - but the area is all residential so I would not count on it.

BRING - LUNCH [See Above], Snacks, Plenty of Hydration, Spare Tubes, Lock [if we stop for a bite or a drink on the way back]


50 - Mostly Flat
Ride Type: 
Advanced Moderate
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