Tour of historic sites In Morris County NJ

Sunday, May 27, 2018 - 08:45

We will meet at Penn Station (southwest corner, in front of the NJ Transit ticket windows) at 8:45 in order to take the 9:11 to Dover.  In order to get to the meeting spot enter Penn Station at the corner of 31st St and 8th Ave and take the escalator down.

From Dover we'll ride west to Chester NJ, then east at least as far as Morristown (the first available bailout).  The first part will feature a lot of uphill riding.  The second part will feature a lot of downhill riding. We might bike back as far a Newark if people are feeling up to it but more realistically we'll probably end up at Summit.

Please be at Penn Station on time!!  The train gets crowded and hard to board with a bike the closer it is to departure time.  Buy a ticket to Dover as soon as you get to Penn Station.

Only the last 3 cars of the train open at Dover, so we need to board at the back (near 7th Ave).

Be advised there are no public restrooms at the Dover station.  There is a rest stop planned 3 miles from the ride start point and there is a restroom on the train itself.

If you plan on getting to the starting point (Dover NJT station) some other way than by using this train please message the ride leaders.

Bring the usual: $ for train tickets, bungee cords for the train, lunch or $ for lunch, sunblock, water, locks, cue sheet holder, spare tubes.
Suggested:  $ for museum donations, lights for your ride home.

Please do your own two minute bike check BEFORE we board the train.  It would suck to get to Dover and first find out there that you bike is unrideable.  There will be no bike shops along the route until we get to Morristown which is more than half the route.

RWGPS route:

Some of the sites I hope to visit along the way (we won't be able to see them all):

Cooper Gristmill - A restored working mill.  The 45 minute tour exhibits amazing 19th century state-of-the-art technology.  It will be closed on Sunday but we'll get to see it from the outside.

Ralston Cider Mill - Open only a few weeks a year!  $5 admission

Ralson General store - This tiny museum is on the way, so lets spend two minutes here.

Historic Speedwell - Samuel Morse worked to perfect the telegraph here.

Washington's Headquarters Historic Site - $7 entrance fee (but we almost certainly won't get there early enough to go inside).


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