The Not Quite Almost to Philly Ride

River Views All Along the Way
River Views All Along the Way
Saturday, July 16, 2016 - 08:00

What, Camden isn't good enough? We don't think so. And Walt Whitman, who is buried here, would agree.

We ride from Trenton to Camden, through idyllic 19-century waterfront towns and quiet roadways with stops at Bordentown, a major hub of rail-canal industry back in the day, the village of Roebling, named after the suspension-bridge inventor, the hamlet of colonial Burlington (and, curiously, the source for Junior's Cheesecake of Brooklyn), the iconic Victorian gingerbread Riverton Yacht Club, and, finally, Victor's Pub in a (somewhat) revitalized Camden. Although we won't quite make it to Philly, since the return is Jersey-side River Line Light Rail to Trenton, a few of us may venture over the Ben Franklin to Yards Brewery for a tasting. Expect rolling terrain, with some surprisingly long, uninterrupted stretches of serene roadways, several coffee stops along the way (one at Grandma's Attic Cafe with Grandma actually living in the attic, though we're unsure in what condition), a tour of the Roebling Museum and a quick stop at Junior's Cheese Cake Bakery for free samples. We lunch at Rocco's in Florence (where some of us will dine waterside) as we meander 41 miles down the New Jersey side of the Delaware.

Note: We'll gather at the Amtrak Waiting Area around 8 AM, 31 St & Eighth Avenue, near the escalators, for the 8:14 NY-Trenton train. NJ ticket machines and boarding platform are conveniently nearby. This is an all-day ride, so plan accordingly. There are numerous bailouts, however, for those wanting less miles or who have less time. We expect to be back in the city by 7:30 PM.




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