Bronx Maritime

Saturday, April 16, 2016 - 10:00

Avast ye Swabbies.  In this ride, we explore the scenic Bronx Waterfront.  We are riding down wonderfully named Pennyfield Road to Fort Schuyler - the Home of SUNY Maritime and the Privateers.  Fort Schuyler is a sturdy redoubt located on a green peninsula under the Throgs Neck Bridge.  It's NYC's own version of West Point.  Along the way we pass through Concrete Plant Park, Soundview Park, Pugsley Creek Park and of course, the always fascinating Bronx.  Lunch will be at Paddy's on the Bay - delicious and scenic.   Full steam ahead.

What to Bring:  Water, snacks, tube/pump, lock, and a sea-faring attitude.  Any grumblers or mutineers shall be keel-hauled.


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