A Winter's Journey to Ridgewood New Jersey

A Pre-Spring Training Excursion
A Pre-Spring Training Excursion
Saturday, February 20, 2016 - 10:00

The weather for Saturday is supposed to be excellent for February, so its time to stretch out a bit, though recognizing it is February, we will keep a more gentle pace.  We are headed to the Jersey enclave of Ridgewood and will be going via a changing landscape that includes, suburban riding, some urban riding (Hackensack) and a lovely multi-use path by the Saddle River.  Lunch will be in Ridgewood either at the Country Pancake House (which has huge portions and many varieties of pancakes, but not always the most tasty kind) or other options to explore on Main Street.  We have two options for the ride back depending on the size of the group and timing. Part of the return trip may or may not be a bit of a scout, as we finalize this route for the spring training series. Either way, we climb Walnut.  Bring a lock, money for lunch, and an inquisitive attitude. Ride is listed as Advanced Moderate because it is a 50 mile ride in February.

50 or so
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Advanced Moderate
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