Flatter than Flat: Who Said We Are Stopping for PIE

Little Silver to South Amboy
Little Silver to South Amboy
Saturday, August 15, 2015 - 07:45

Nothing beats riding on flat!  We are exploring New Jersey: seeing fancy mansions, winding routes and the industrial area of South Amboy.

Cycle from one small little town to another via country roads along the Thompson Park, the Big Bridge Country Park and Jamesburg Park.  Enjoy long stretches where you can get into your cruising mode and just watch your cadence. No major hills or lots of 4-wheeled objects (they are on the road but not in masses) to worry about.

Highlight is our stop at the Delicious Orchard in Colts Neck which sells a HUGE variety of pies: http://www.deliciousorchardsnjonline.com/departments/bakery/pies/.  And it accidentially listed at one of the New Jersey's Pies. http://www.jerseybites.com/2010/11/new-jerseys-best-pies-the-results/. Lunch is later in the ride (at about 40 miles).  

Average speed is 15-17 mphs but we may make speed adjustments depending on weather and temperature. It is a moderate to advanced ride 65 mile ride. Road and hybrid bikes only. 

Bring 2 backup tubes, bungee cord to tie your bike in the train, small lock, and cash for lunch. 

We take the NJtransit, New Jersey Coast Line at 8:07am from New York Penn Station to Little Silver Train Station. Meeting time at Penn Station is 7:45 am. (Meet on the sidewalk, NE corner of 8 Avenue and 31 Street, Manhattan)

You can buy tickets for the NJtransit directly at the station or via the NJtransit mobile application.  The mobile app has to be linked to your credit card.  Make sure you set it up in advance in case if you prefer to buy the ticket via the app. 


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