Maypoling at New Bridge Landing

Sunday, May 17, 2015 - 11:00

When leave the fig tree putteth out,
When calves and lambs for mothers cry,
When toads begin to hop about,
We know of truth that summer's nigh.

So after Pos (Easter) when hens do cluck,
When gawky goblins peep and feed,
And boys get fewer eggs to suck,
We know that Pinkster comes indeed.

At Pinkster, flow'rs will deck the field,
And pleasures sweet will banish pain;
Love-broken-hearts shall all be heal'd,
Although they may be crack'd again.

 -- A Pinkster Ode, 1803

Yes, indeed, and we'll do a maypole spring jig, as well, at the Bergen County Historical Society's celebration of Pinkster Day. What? Never heard of Pinkster Day? Neither have we. So all the more reason to venture into the Hackensack tidewater flood plain of New Bridge Landing. There will be a Maypole Dance at 1:30 & 3 pm, with fiddle and hammered dulcimer accompaniment; a Pinkster Ode will be read and a short history of the holiday given in the Steuben House at 2:30 PM. We'll be dying eggs for Pinkster in the Out Kitchen. Pinkster cake, doughnuts and lemonade will be served in a restored 18th century tavern. All this at a mere one hour's bike ride from the GW.  Bring $$$ for museum admission and lunch, which is nearby at Sanzari's in New Bridge.

Let's meet up at  GW Port Authority, 178 & Fort Washington,  at 11AM. 16 miles total and we can take the train back to avoid the climb over the Palisades.

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