Lost Synagogues of The Bronx

Reprise of popular ride from last summer - let's try it in the spring!
Reprise of popular ride from last summer - let's try it in the spring!
Sunday, March 15, 2015 - 09:30

Welcome to Season 2 of our "Lost Synagogues" series. Last year, we traveled through our fair city's northern and southern extremes; now we're repeating the Bronx ride with more notice and moving to more central locales.

Tour the neighborhoods of the Bronx. We'll see many former synagogues and Jewish institutions. Many have become churches, but there are some exceptions. One location, is now a brand new museum that will welcome us as a stopping point with modern bathrooms among other things. Our list of sites has been compiled from the book "The Lost Synagogues of the Bronx and Queens" by Ellen Levitt. Kosher lunch will be at the end of the tour, a short ride from our start and finish location, Columbus Circle. Bring snacks, drinks, money for lunch, an extra layer of clothing, a lock for your bike, and spare tube(s), pump and tools.

RSVP's and inquiries via e-mail are encouaged and welcome, but please register via our website as well.


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