Brooklyn Hill Training

Sunday, August 24, 2014 - 09:00

Many miles lie ahead of us in our cycling journeys. Let's get ready for all of them...including the ones that aren't flat. By improving your skills in the hills, you'll enjoy your rides more, whether in the city or beyond its limits.

We love long days in the saddle, which prepare us for...longer days in the saddle! If your travels on the bike include the Cloisters, or Closter, you're going to spend some time traveling uphill! On this short, technique oriented ride, we'll learn to better utilize our physical abilities and the mechanical advantages offered by our bicycles' gears* to ride effectively and efficiently on hills.

This is a training ride for all cyclists, from the novice to the seasoned rider. We'll all work together, and nobody gets left behind. Our route will include five hills in Windsor Terrace, which is just outside of Prospect Park, and concludes with an ascent of the infamous "Nellie's Lawn."

We'll take the concepts of reps, sets and circuits out of the gym and onto the road. We'll begin with a short warm-up. We'll do two or three repetitions of several of the hills outside of the park, with attention to technique and gear usage. We'll wrap it up with a 10 mile circuit that includes all of the hills. Please be sure that your tires are properly inflated, that your saddle is at the right height, and that your bike's gears, chain and brakes are properly lubricated and adjusted. Bring pump, tube(s), water and a snack. A lock for your bike is optional.

*Single speed riders are welcome, too!

Approximately 20
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