5BBC SOCIAL - Brooklyn Night-Bazaar Ride

Friday, June 6, 2014 - 19:30

Join with your fellow 5BBCers as we head to the Brooklyn Night Bazaar. Located in Williamsburgh, the Night Bazaar has something for everybody. Food and Drink? Why of course. Vendors selling cool stuff? Obviously. Things to do? How about ping pong and psychedelic mini golf. Not to mention schmoozing with club members - old and new. So find your inner "hipster" and ride with us through the night as we head to the Bazaar.

Remember -we are riding at night so make sure that your bike has both a ride light in the back and a white light in the front. Bring a lock and all the usual stuff that you take to a ride. Most of all, bring a friend.

An Easy Breezy 15 or so.
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Happy Face
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