Spring Training -- Bike Touring: Northvale/Piermont

Saturday, April 12, 2014 - 09:30

Seldom used route to Northvale and Piermont and peaceful climbing pace make this a great ride both for those thinking about registering for the Bike Touring SIG http://5bbc.org/rides-events/day-rides/zen-and-art-bicycle-touring-class... and those that climb hills slowly but may not care about bike touring.

Feel free to bring your panniers or other things to weigh your bike down. Leader will be riding with panniers to get ready for the bike touring SIG next month. That means just a bit slower on the uphills but the average will be the usual 5BBC speed. We'll talk about bike touring during lunch in Northvale and on the Pier in Piermont. This is a good ride both for those that are interested in Bike Touring SIG and those that may feel that they are too slow climbing hills. All are welcome on this very rarely used route.

Since this will be preparation for bike touring the ride will go rain or shine. If it's raining please bring front and rear lights, some light,reflective, or brightly colored clothing, and of course rain gear (jacket and pants). All that gear is optional but highly recommended for safety and comfort

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