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2014 5BBC Montauk Century

Sunday, May 18, 2014 - 07:00
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Registration for the 5BBC Montauk Century closes next Saturday April 19. If you are interested in participating in the ride on Sunday May 18th you must submit your registration by that date.

Registration for the 2014 5BBC Montauk Century, occurring on Sunday May 18, 2014, has opened.

Like last year, the number of participants will be very limited. Additionally, the Montauk Century will be a back to basics ride for current paid members only. Registration is on a first paid, first in basis - last year registration filled quickly.

There will be three mileage options of approximately 68, 100 and 135 miles. The cost of the ride which includes cue sheets, SAG, return transportation for you on the LIRR and transportation for your bike via truck is only $50.00. Like last year, we also hope to offer an option to purchase a limited edition Jersey.

Last year's ride was a blast! 

68, 100 and 135 miles
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Advanced Moderate
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Happy Face Rides: Just starting to get into cycling or perhaps you're nervous about riding in the city? These rides are low mileage and go at a leisurely, slow pace under 10 mph. They may or may not have point, drop, sweep but everyone rides together in a group. Great for beginners!

Moderate Rides: Do you like to cycle and still see the sights? These rides range from 12-15 mph with point, drop, sweep. Suitable for intermediate riders as well as advanced riders who want more of a tour.

Advanced Moderate Rides: Like to challenge yourself without getting so out of breath that you can't carry on a conversation with the cyclists near you? These rides are 15-17 mph with point, drop, sweep. Suitable for intermediate and advanced riders looking to see the scenery, but not dawdle.

Quick Spin Light Rides: Feel like you're ready to start really pushing faster? These rides range from 16-19 mph with minimal stops and limited point, drop, sweep. Suitable for intermediate and advanced riders who can keep a steady, fast pace for extended periods of time. If this is your first time trying one of these rides, check in with the leader for details and make sure you have a Metro Card, MetroNorth or LIRR pass and bike permit in case you need to drop out.

Quick Spin Rides: Not for the faint of heart! These rides are 17-20+ mph with minimal stops and no point, drop, sweep. Advanced cyclists only need apply.