Day Rides

Sun, Jan 24, 2021

Staten Island Hills

Emerson Hill, Grymes Hill, Todt Hill & Lighthouse Hill


23 - Hilly miles / Advanced Moderate / Start Location TBD

There is a reason that most people go around Staten Island, rather than through it.  The middle of Staten Island is one of the hilliest areas of NYC.  And that's right where we are going.  This ride takes us through Gyrmes and Todt Hills, and we then climb up Emerson Hill, where to my knowledge, no 5BBC ride has gone before.  Descending Emerson Hill we will stop by and visit the house of Don Corleone of Godfather fame.  The ride then takes us past the New York Farm Colony.  We will be doing a compression stop by a hole in the fence for those who want to explore this interesting ruin. ... more

South Brooklyn Loop




30-32 miles / Moderate / Start Location TBD

Join us as we spin our way through South Brooklyn Winter time style as we aaaahh and oooh at the sights as we spin on  by. We will be riding along the water spinning our way through Sea Gate ( a little known gated community where the infamous Jeffrey Epstein lived  ) , Coney Island and on into Marine Park for a quick loop around before making our way back home . This will be a MODERATE RIDE and the pace will be quicker to keep our blood pumping and our toesies warm . YOU MUST BE ABLE TO KEEP NO LESS THAN 11 IN THE BACK. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A HAPPY FACE RIDE   We will be making a short... more

Sat, Jan 30, 2021

No Bridge Too Far - Rescheduled to 1/30 due to frigid & windy conditions

5bbc's 8 - Bridge Challenge


30 miles / Moderate / Start Location TBD

Unlike the 1977 movie, 'A Bridge Too Far,' we will not fail.  We will conquer 8 bridges in one ride.  We will ride famous bridges, frustrating bridges, short bridges and bridges that ride over two different Superfund sites (only in New York, ugh). This 30 mile ride is listed as 'moderate' and our goal is to keep that pace.  This is winter.  It is cold and we do not want to have to wait long after crossing the bridges for everyone to catch up.  If you can't keep a 12 mph pace on flat terrain, please do not register for this ride.  Our snack break will be at Mile 20, so bring pocket snacks... more

Chilly Captain Tilly


26 miles / Moderate / Start Location TBD

The land where Cap't Tilly Park sits was owned by the Tilly Family.  In 1908 the Tilly's sold the land to the City of New York for One Dollar - with the proviso that it remain permanently a park.   Originally called Highland Park, and later Upland Park, the park was renamed for Captain George H. Tilly, an Army Signal Corp trooper, who was killed in the Spanish American War.  The distinguishing feature of Tilly Park is Goose Pond.  Goose pond is a natural kettle pond that was formed when the glacier receded.  To get to Captain Tilly Park we will ride the northern route through Juniper... more

One Bridge Not Too Far - Rescheduled to 1/30 due to frigid & wind temps.

Revised to shorter "frostbite" ride


18-20 miles / Moderate / Start Location TBD

NEW DATE 1/30/21. Due to expected cold temperature, we are doing a revamped/shorter ride to the Kosciuko Bridge with a snack stop at everyone's favorite place Peter Pan Donuts. Bring a bag, you will definetly want to take some with you!

Please dress properly for the weather and watch website for any changes.  You must be able to maintain a minimum speed of 11 MPH, we plan ride at a steady pace.

ALL CLUB COVID RULES WILL APPLY STRICTLY SO MAXIMUM 8 + 2 leaders per ride and you must have masks with you and maintain 6 feet distance at stops.  This ride will meet near Prospect... more

Sun, Jan 31, 2021

Getaway To Gerritsen

Winter Spin Sunday Funday


25ish miles / Moderate / Start Location TBD

Join us as we spin another Winter Day away . We will be spinning to Gerritsen Beach a little community nestled in far end of Brooklyn , after Gerritsen we make our way spinning around Manhattan Beach before making our way back to Prospect Park . We will be cruising along at a MODERATE PACE to beat out  Old Man Winter . We will be stopping at Cafe La Nolte where you can get their  famous Jelly Chocolate cookies among other goodies and a hot cup of coffee or their flavored teas which we hear are all the rave if you are a tea drinker .

This is a MODERATE PACED RIDE and we will be... more

Sun, Feb 7, 2021

Tour De Manhattan - Cultural and Historical Sites

5BBC Black History Month Ride


30-32 miles / Moderate / Start Location TBD

Join us as we celebrate Black History Month as we travel to the culture enrched boro of Manhattan . We will make our way to the tippy top of Manhattan before making our way down to the far reaches of the gritty lower East Side .Lunch will be in Upper Manhattan where you will have your choice of different cuisines . ( Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can enjoy eating in Ring Garden ) 

We will be making stops at Dykman Farm , Mother Zion Church , The famous Apollo theatre , Mintons Jazz club , before making our way to the East Village where we will visit Jean- Michel... more

Sun, Feb 14, 2021

Rockin With Martha ( Not Stewart )

Valentine's Day Social Sunday Ride - Winter Spin


20 miles / Moderate / Start Location TBD

Join us for this Valentine's Day Social spin to Martha's Country Bakery . Bring your honey or just yourself and lets spin through Brooklyn and Queens before making our way to Martha;s for her delicious homemade goodies , a newer bakery than some of her counter parts , famous for her cupcakes ( Tira Misu cupcakes , Peanut Butter Hot CHocolate anyone ) , whatever your heart desires , Martha will not disappoint . Bring a bag to take home treats for your honey or keep them all for yourself . This will be a MODERATE RIDE , PACE IN THE FRONT WILL BE A BIT FASTER AND THE BACK WILL ACCOMDATE HAPPY... more

Mon, Feb 15, 2021

Footprints of Presidents in NY

Washington, Lincoln, TR and...Chester Arthur?


21 miles / Moderate / Start Location TBD

On this Presidents Day, join us for a ride celebrating our Presidents by visiting sites of significance in their lives as well as the nation.  The ride will begin in Downtown Brooklyn and proceed into Manhattan, stopping briefly (because it is winter) to point out why these places are important. This is 21 mile ride at a Moderate pace.  If you can't maintain 11-12 mph pace on flat terrain, please skip this ride.  We will have a quick snack/lunch break two-thirds into the ride.

ALL CLUB COVID RULES WILL APPLY STRICTLY SO MAXIMUM 8 + 2 leaders per ride and you must have masks with you... more

Sun, Feb 28, 2021

East West Border Ride

A 5bbc Classic


31 miles / Moderate / Start Location TBD

This is a classic 5bbc ride originated by Bill Mastro.  It takes us to eastern Brooklyn and western Queens through some less-seen neighborhoods.  We plan on visiting "the Hole."  The Hole is a five-block triangle straddling the Brooklyn-Queens border. Detached from the municipal sewer system, one of the The Hole's signature sights is murky pools of water because the liquid has no place to drain. Plus, no sidewalks.   It is also known as a "Mob burial site."

This will be a moderate-pace ride.  If you can't maintain 11-12 mph on flat terrain, please skip this ride.  Our snack/lunch... more

Sun, Mar 21, 2021

The Brookfield Park Ride


30ish miles / Happy Face / Start Location TBD

This is a new 5BBC ride. We will take the north shore along antique Staten Island through Snug Harbor.  We will be preceding through the mid of Staten Island to the new Southway bike path which takes us to our destination where we will explore a range of paved bike trails in the new Brookfield Park. Brookfield Park is a protected water fowl sanctuary. After this we will backtrack and lunch at the new S.I. Mall which offers several different cuisines in the outdoor food court. There's plenty of bike parking available. After we've had our fill we will get back onto the trail up to Forest... more