TGIF - - ACME (smoked) FIsh Market

Iconic shop gourmet smoked fish biz - - only a few public retail hours weekly
Iconic shop gourmet smoked fish biz - - only a few public retail hours weekly
Friday, November 9, 2018 - 07:15

TGIF, and for Acme Fish, a family owned/operated wholesale smoked fish biz. This is the only time of the week the public can enter and buy at wholesale prices.  Such a deal!

Check it out:

We're doing this easy trip to Greenpoint Bklyn to procure Acme smoked fish and other yummies at that wholesaler in advance of the holidays. And we might stop on the way back for a coffee or light nosh at a fun local bakery/coffee shop if it looks like the weather will allow. Otherwise, we'll beat it back the same short way to our Manhattan start. And this trip is scheduled earlier in the month than last year, to beat the last minute, holiday-shopper line we encountered then.

No cue sheet; ride as a group 'cuz leader knows the way well and it's an easy loop of about 8 miles. Bike lanes just 'bout the whole way. Back in Manhattan 9:15ish  (depending if lines at ACME and if we break for coffee). Bails available via subway. 

BYO carrying capacity for bringing back treats, and CASH (only thing accepted), plus suitable locking gear (we lock bikes outside), shoes you don't mind standing/walking in (could be a bit of a line waiting to get in).  And of course, bike in good shape, tires pumped up, extra tubes, other supplies you might need. Cross listed NYCC.

WARNING:  Friends and family might pile on to your shopping list once they hear where you're going.

UPDATE:  Weather forecast has improved, with rain now holding off till later in the afternoon, more likely early evening. Of course if Mother Nature acts up within the next 18 hours, a light rain or drizzle won't deter us, but ride will be canceled if it's really unpleasant. Of course, dress and pack appropriately, "in case") Check ride listing at 6AM if you are concerned 'bout weather as any no-go decision will be posted.

POSSIBLE:  Return to Manhattan via Williamsburg Bridge, then head over to WTC/Brookfield Place to view the free "CANstruction exhibit" - - 30 fantastic sculptures made out of . . cans!

START:  7:15AM sharp NE corner First Ave & E. 60th Street, in front of Starbucks.

END:  same place (unless we add on a visit to CANstruction exhibit at WTC/Brookfield Place; then it ends WTC, approx 11AM)

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