Coney Island Dreaming of Pizza?

Brooklyn's Best? You decide.
Brooklyn's Best? You decide.
Sunday, October 14, 2018 - 10:00

Do you like PIZZA? No really? Do you REALLY like PIZZA? Well, one Sunday, a long time ago, in the middle of the Winter, we found a really great pizza place. It got me to thinking. How does the Clubs pizza joint destinations for the last decade or so stack up. So, this Sunday we're going to find out. To the Borough of Churches we will go. Ride through the serene waterfronts of the Brooklyn Bridge Park, the Verrazano and Coney Island. Have lunch at Totonno's, renowned for prized pizza. Check out for interesting mouth-watering facts about our standard cycling food staple. Some examples--pizza was first developed by the ancient Greeks and we consume nearly 4 acres of it a day. Get that mozzarella! Bring a lock, $ for food and a camera. Led by Ed DeFreitas & Rodney Millard. ***************SPECIAL NOTE-THIS RIDE STARTS AT THE PARK(NORTH) SIDE OF BROOKLYN'S BOROUGH HALL***********************

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