Sevilla gets it! This beautiful, traditional, and historic city has gone all in with cycling. Between 2007 and 2010 the city constructed 120km of cycle track where virtually none existed before... more

Know someone who would enjoy bicycling, but needs a little push?


We know you love bicycling. You probably have adult family members or friends who would enjoy bicycling as... more

Lisbon is not a city designed for cyclists. It is composed of seven hills - steep hills. The streets are primarily cobblestones. And, there are electric trams that run all over the place... more

How about ending some 5BBC rides at one of these spots for post-ride refreshments? And maybe stopping at ... more

This was posted elsewhere as an intro to a bike commuter blog and it was edited as a general introduction to bike commuting.


Bike commuting isn’t... more

A few easy steps:

1) Click on the Articles pulldown on the main menu at the top of the web site and select Articles.

2) Read any you have not read yet (optional) and then scroll down... more

May is National Bike Month! In honor of the spring cycling season, let's all pay... more

My favorite book is a Tale of Two Cities, so most must know how it goes, if not go read it- it's wonderful - So anyone who did last years Montauk and this years Montauk, knows that what a... more

I got my beloved Fuji Grand Tourer before the Subway Strike. Not that one….the one before. It was beautiful. A gorgeous silver steel frame with red welds. 12 speeds when 10 was pretty much... more

Bike fit isn't exactly rocket science. It doesn't really require expensive equipment and it doesn't have to be done by experts. Sure, it's cool to pay someone to fit you for a... more