In partnership with Bike New York (BNY), Bob Castro who liaisons between the 5BBC and them (among other things), we are trying to drive new membership and new riders in NYC, by supporting the "... more

As my many years of being a member of the board come to a close by choice, I wish all the present members of the board great success. We are always looking for and need more help. We need more of... more

Congratulations to Vincenzo Nibali for his... more

Dear 5BBC'ers

I would like to offer a few rides out of town during the Summer and the Fall. Usually it would mean getting there by Metro North but some really nice and rural... more

I've just completed the 2014 5BBC leadership course. Successfully, I might add :) I wanted to share some things while the memories are still fresh.

I guess some people may just decide... more

Got your attention? 

Well, it’s really not that big a deal when all is said and done.

But I have to say, not only has being part of the leadership training in 5BBC helped me grow my... more

Sevilla gets it! This beautiful, traditional, and historic city has gone all in with cycling. Between 2007 and 2010 the city constructed 120km of cycle track where virtually none existed before... more

Know someone who would enjoy bicycling, but needs a little push?


We know you love bicycling. You probably have adult family members or friends who would enjoy bicycling as... more

Lisbon is not a city designed for cyclists. It is composed of seven hills - steep hills. The streets are primarily cobblestones. And, there are electric trams that run all over the place... more

How about ending some 5BBC rides at one of these spots for post-ride refreshments? And maybe stopping at ... more