Crosswalks are for pedestrians, not bikes. Crosswalks are a space designed for allowing pedestrians to cross an intersection or road safely.

If you and your bike are stopped in the... more

Here at the 5BBC, each new year brings us new possibilities and new challenges. Per our By Laws, the purpose of our club is to promote the general interests of bicycling via trips and cycling... more

For those of you who wanted to go last year but found the ride sold out, or those of you new to the club wanting to get a sense for what a weekend trip with the club is like, we are re-printing... more

Hi fellow 5BBC'ers,

On Sunday November 2nd, I led an unusual ride with an unusual response from the Trippers.

The theme of the ride was to show where the abandoned North/West Side... more

I blame the tilt of the Earth's axis for Winter.  The weather's colder.  The days are shorter.  It it seems like the Spring and Summer are either in the rear view mirror or in the distant horizon... more

I recently sent an email to some non-cyclist friends to give them an idea of my exciting life here in the Center of the Universe.  I decided to share it as sent, and omit the names of the guilty... more

Did you know that if you have a login, you have a profile page that can be personalized? Well, you do! This allows you to put a face to your name as part of the Friendliest Bike Club... more

Are you aware that we have a list of affiliated Bike Shops?

You can click on the above link to find it - or look under Community... more

Summer Streets-Let's say thank- you to all the hard workers  of Steve Bauman, Ed Ravin and Harlan, and additional group of Ed Pino, Tom, Alfredo,  Dave, and our ever present Bike 21 (Phil), Phil O... more

 A while back there was a TV show called Hill Street Blues.  The show always started with an in precinct roll call.  At the conclusion of the session, Sergeant Esterhaus always remarked, “Let's be... more