All day today, I kept on finding pennies. I had picked up a habit from my very dear friend of two decades. He would find loose change on the floors and streets as he went through his day and would... more

When I first started cycling seriously, Queens scared me.  It was vast, sprawling, and its street system made no sense.  Clearly, the cartographers and city planners were smoking something when... more

If you want to go from here(Queens) to there(Bronx), you're going to have to walk. Hey Governor, now that the subways are broken, can you get the MTA to at least let cyclists going to and from... more

Hello, I’m Michele, and I grew up in Bronx.  I’m a fairly new commuter cyclist in New York.  I was introduced to commuter cycling in 2013 through my neighbor and friend who is a 5BBC.  At that... more

While Staten Island is referred to as “The Forgotten Borough”, The Bronx may as well be known as the “Misunderstood Borough.” While gentrification has indeed been slow to come, The Bronx has come... more

NY to Boston trip, May 27 to May 30.


As a veteran of many weekend trips, about 10, and I having co-lead a few; I can give this trip an A.  For those who want the more detailed... more

Part of my daily routine is to check out the 5BBC website for upcoming events. Back in January, I went through my morning rituals and was surprised to see a new ride posting “NYC to Boston” during... more

By Alfredo Garcia

Since 2015, the 5BBC has revived, with flare, a nice lead-in weekend trip to Montreal’s Tour de L’lle. It is a bike event similar to New York City’s Five Borough Bicycle... more


OK, this is just a week in my life on the Erie Canal, but it was a tour that had significance in many stages of my life.  Participating in the New York Parks and Trails "... more

The days are shorter, the temperatures are colder, and one's concentration goes to the holidays.  For many, this means that it is time to hang the bike up on the wall - to be taken out next spring... more