The 5BBC mourns the loss of David Schlichting

David Schlichting was a long time member of the New York City cycling community and was well know and much loved.

He was killed by a hit and run driver Sunday morning while riding. Details available here.

David started riding with the Bike Committee of AYH (now known as the 5 Boro Bike Club) in the mid 1970's.  By the late 70's he was a leader in the club, leading rides in mostly in Queens and Long Island - he lived in Great Neck.  He also planned and led weekends ( Current leaders led many with him to the Catskills) and one great week long ride to Colorado. He was Chairman (what the president was called back then) of the club back in the 1980's.


He was able to fly cheaply, because of his work with Swissair and took advantage of that by riding in the Alps several times a year for many years sometimes alone and other times with groups of friends. In the last few years he's been bike touring in New Mexico, alone and with friends.


David was also involved with the New York Cycle Club, leading rides and volunteering for their events.


He was one of only 4 people who had volunteered on every 5 Boro bike Tour from 1977 thru 2018.  


The community of cyclists who knew and loved David will likely be holding memorial ride(s) in his honor and as we become aware of these we will share the information and encourage our members to attend. 


For those who find each and every tragic loss of a cyslist such as this painful and worrisome - as it reminds us how as skilled as we might be, there but for the grace of the driving force in this unverise go we, this news item may provide some solace about the joy we continue to take from such a risky support. And we can be sure that David would want us all to continue riding!