Member's Forum

At least once every year we try to bring our members together for a forum where we will have interesting speakers on Saturday August 11th from 4pm-5pm and mix and mingle 3-4 for the early arrivers and 5-6 for those riding a bit longer before or after Summer Streets - which to remind you is August 4, 11, 18 on Park Avenue (7am-1pm) - and we need volunteer mechanics (e-mail: if interested). 

Detailed agenda for the Member Forum to follow along with a survey. 

We'd like to hear from you!

Leaders are asked to lead a few rides starting from Summer Streets at 1pm and finishing at Riverbank State Park between 3-4pm. (Location subject to change, date firm)

For those not attending Summer Streets, please start your ride whenever you please and try to finish at Riverbank to make the Forum.

Please get your FREE ticket by signing up at eventbrite here.

New Product: Stickers!

5BBC Sticker Sets

We are bringing a new product to market for our members.


We will have two types - 1) Regular or plain and 2) REFLECTIVE

You can buy them in a strip of 6 1"x1" - $2 for plain and $3 for reflective.

A strip of 3 2"x2" - $3 for plain and $4 for reflective.

A strip of 2 3"x3" - $4 for plain and $5 for reflective.

Or the best deal going - a sheet with a total of 11 stickers - 6 1"x1", 3 2"x2" and 2 3"x3" - $7 for plain and $10 for reflective

For a limited time, as a launch promotion, the sheets will sell for $5 and $8 respectively offering savings of 20% or more!

Hope you enjoy them.

The smaller sizes are and ideal way to recognize leaders - give them a 1"x1" to stick on their helmets or bikes or wherever they'd like to put them. 

The bigger ones, put wherever you'd like to show your pride in the club and help promote it.

Find them in our PRODUCTS section of the web site!