The EPIC RIDE is a benefit ride for the Greenway Initiative. This year, the ride will be held on July 27th. There are various starting locations, but the full route traces the waterfront from Greenpoint to Far Rockaway - a 40 mile excursion. There will be rest areas along the way, and an after-party in the Rockaways following the event. There are still time to sign up for the event, as... Read more

Join the Cultural Committee of the 5BBC, as we meet to hear the New York Philharmonic under the stars. If that is not enough, there will be fireworks after the performance. Bring a blanket, food, drink and something to share. LOOK FOR SIX RED HELIUM BALLOONS. Tuxedo optional.

Date: Wednesday July 9
Time: People will be arriving after 6:15 - Music at 8:00 PM
Place:... Read more

100% chance of precip. Will try to reschedule.


I've just completed the 2014 5BBC leadership course. Successfully, I might add :) I wanted to share some things while the memories are still fresh.

I guess some people may just decide themselves to become a ride leader while some grow to it over time. I'm the later. I have been riding with 5BBC on and off for 10 years. Yup, 2014 is my 10th anniversary!

I always enjoyed... Read more

Got your attention? 
Well, it’s really not that big a deal when all is said and done.
But I have to say, not only has being part of the leadership training in 5BBC helped me grow my cycling knowledge and abilities in many subtle and not-so-subtle ways, but riding in the Day-rides of the club over the past years has been fun, confidence-inspiring (I ride around NYC carefully and... Read more

Sevilla gets it! This beautiful, traditional, and historic city has gone all in with cycling. Between 2007 and 2010 the city constructed 120km of cycle track where virtually none existed before. Like Citibike, Sevilla has Sevici, which you see being pedaled all over the city. In NYC, cycling has been embraced by some NYC officials [Jeanette Sadik Khan] and either detested or ignored by... Read more