Longtime 5BBC member and bicycling advocate Steve Faust passed away last month. Join us for a ride to memorialize and commemorate his life.  We'll talk about Steve's life and accomplishments, and ride by the Verrazano Bridge, the site of Steve's nearly lifelong campaign to get a bicycling and walking access over... Read more

Do you enjoy interacting with people, exploring and creating new bike routes, promoting bicycling and do you want a great way to give back to the Club and the bicycling community? Then becoming a 5BBC Bike Leader is for you. The 2014 5BBC Leadership Course will teach you how to organize and run both day and weekend trips. You will learn:

Interested in bicycle touring? We've got just the class for you: Zen and the Art of Bicycle Touring!

If you've been wanting to do a self-contained multi-day bike tour but didn't know where to start or weren't comfortable about just giving it a try, then this is the class for you. This mini-SIG will start... Read more


I will discuss here some general philosophy, attitudes and defensive riding techniques that I refer to as defensive cycling, which in principle is similar to defensive driving, and I act on the road according to these myself, well… most of the time :) This is all written based on my experience and it's not based on any official research. I'm sure there are some parts that may be... Read more

With spring in the air, more cyclists are out on the road again. This might be the time to start practicing your mindfulness while cycling. Get Up and Ride's Lisa Markuson has a great article on this over at Transportation Alternatives. Stretch, take some deep breaths, visualize a pleasant ride and go read the... Read more

"Be prepared, that is the Boy Scouts marching song.
Be prepared, as through life you march along."

Tom Lehrer

Much goes into the preparation for a ride. First, there is always the idea. Where are we going? How will we get there? Where will we eat? The ride gets mapped out. Co-Leaders are chosen. And we are... Read more

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